Traveling is one of the great joys of life.
Connecting with people, places, and cultures make us richer individuals, and results in a more fulfilling experience and memories that last forever.
In essence, travel stirs the soul.

About Us

We are a well-funded group of experienced travel industry professionals and entrepreneurs passionate about travel. We believe in experiencing the world, and regardless of the location or type of trip one seeks—relaxation/escape, adventure, culture, etc.—we believe that travel should be a joyous experience.

However, most of today’s travel sites lack originality and fail to provide inspiration. We believe there is a better way to dream about, plan, book, and experience travel. So, we are launching a new online travel agency (OTA)—one that will leverage our proprietary technology, expertise, and local support to provide a fresh and easy-to-use approach to offer travel at great value and in an inspiring way.

Because we also believe in giving back to the people and places in which we explore, we’ve integrated social responsibility into the very fabric of our company, platform, and experience. In essence, it’s in our DNA to be part of something bigger, and at the same time, give back. We engage and incentivize our employees to set examples, and encourage social sharing of trips of, and by, both employees and our customers.

What we value

We seek like-minded people who value these qualities.


We have an unquenchable desire to innovate


We work together to solve challenges creatively and efficiently


We are curious and constantly pursuing knowledge

Social Responsibility

We seek out ways to positively impact the world around us

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You can also reach us at +1 (415) 919-4140

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